The time has come…

3 10 2008

It’s finally time to get this blog up and running. I’ve been working on pages and brushing up on the Web 2.0 stuff for a while, and now everyone gets to see it.

A pretty picture to start the blog.

A pretty picture to start the blog.

I’ve been thinking about what kind of writing style to give this blog, and I still haven’t completely decided. I’ll try some different posts and see what hits. I’ll do some news articles if it seems like they’re needed, some satirical fiction on current events could be fun, sometimes people need a good analytical opinion piece, and I’ll probably experiment with some real gonzo pieces as well, since it looks like most of the population still doesn’t understand that form of writing.

This should be a good place to waste some time or get an opinion if you don’t have one already. This is also a good place for that small percentage of the population that’s open-minded enough to share and absorb perspectives that aren’t their own.

I should be posting here on an average of at least once a day, so check back often and add me to all of those Web 2.0 tools that are going around.




One response

8 10 2008

I added you to my blogroll. Also, I second you on the writing whatever you want theory. I tried to be good at newsy at first but I just couldn’t do it. My blog mainly serves as amusement for my friends and family when they’re at work, and a kind of online diary. Which I know Ezra froths at the mouth about, but it’s mainly just a place for me to vent. Which is fine!

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