The foreclosure pet tragedy

10 10 2008

Pets are being left behind when people are forced to move out of their homes due to foreclosures. These pets are either picked up by animal control and put in shelters, or they starve in the house with no one to take care of them.

I first heard about this disaster when my girlfriend, Hannah, told me about some animal shelter representatives coming into her work at Petco. They told her that the amount of pets coming into the shelters was rapidly increasing due to these foreclosures. I looked online and found more information that supported her claims.

Hazy was adopted from an animal shelter

Hazy was adopted from an animal shelter

While some of these people simply can’t afford their pets anymore, some are forced to leave them behind, because the place they’re moving into won’t allow pets.

It seems like, during these times that are getting tougher, rentals should be a little more lenient with pets. Bad things are happening, and people should try not to make it worse.

And for those who are thinking about getting a pet: consider getting one at an overflowing shelter. I adopted Hazy from an animal shelter, and she’s the best cat I’ve had.

Also, there’s a cool new little bio of me: this is the place to click to see that page.




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