Why fantasy football is so popular

13 10 2008
Fantasy Football... get it?
Fantasy Football… get it?

It’s Sunday, which means I’m glued to the TV and computer watching NFL football. I watch live games one the TV while stats and points are updated on the computer. I have three fantasy teams this year, and have had more in the past.

The first time I tried fantasy football, I was hooked immediately. I’ve been a football all my life, so discovering a game I could play that was based on what real players did was very attractive. I’m able to compete against people I know, and measure myself against people I don’t.

This is a very popular game people are playing, and even if you don’t play it yourself, chances are you’ve been affected by someone who has. A lot of people spend a good amount of time checking out their fantasy football stuff, and it can take time away from getting out and doing other things, especially on Sunday.

But it’s okay.

Everyone seems to have their shows that they have to watch. No matter what happens, they need to know what happened on “American Idol” or “Lost” or whatever. Football and playing fantasy games are just the shows that I need to watch. I have to see what happens to the characters (players) on the show (game).

People who have shows they need to watch every night don’t seem to understand that people like me just watch all of there shows on a Sunday, with one game on Monday night.

Think of it as reality TV for those who don’t watch regular reality TV.

It’s like “Survivor,” but you have a player you’re pitting against the other competitors, and if he or she wins, then you do. It’s kind of like that, only the NFL players actually have some sort of talent and skill.

This also raises the question of why some people prefer sports over other television entertainment. That answer is a little longer and more complicated, but definitely not impossible. I’m working on it.




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