Why people prefer watching sports & why football is the only sport worth watching

13 10 2008
Football is the king of sports

Football is the king of sports

Sports have been around just as long as any other form of entertainment. The ancient Olympics and primitive forms of soccer and football have existed for thousands of years. Yet, those who aren’t sports fans seem to look down on and judge those who enjoy watching sports. It seems like it’s okay for a person to cry about some fictitious character in some sappy scene on TV, but sports fans are stupid for cheering when their team scores.

Professional sports are world-class athletes at the top of their game, doing things no one else in the world can do, for amounts of money that push them to their extreme limits. How can you compare that to something some writers come up with in their heads on a weekly bases?

The biggest reason sports are so attractive is because they are real. There is a real event and a real outcome to what happens during the game. The only other show that comes close to this is the news, but the news isn’t nearly as entertaining.

If you think standard reality shows fall into the same “being real” category, you are sorely mistaken. Reality TV shows are heavily scripted, and the producers are always manipulating and editing what people on the show say. I’ve heard about it in a couple different places, one of which was in an article from the Washington Post.

That isn’t to say that sports don’t have their problems staying real. There are definitely issues there, but at least those issues are unacceptable and changed once made public.

Issues in sports:

First of all, the NBA has been having some trouble with their credibility. A referee has come out and made allegations after he was accused of fixing a game. That’s just one guy, but when you watch the NBA, it’s scary how much control the referees have over the game. It would be very easy for them to fix it.

Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA) has also been under scrutiny with pretty much any match involving Kimbo Slice. Forums flare up every time a belt match isn’t a clean-cut knock-out as well. If you wanted to check out the most legit MMA outfit, it’s probably the UFC. The UFC has a lot of money invested and is the most visible (although EliteXC is nipping at their heels), so they have the most to lose right now. This might prevent them from scripting fights, since there’s now way their demographic would go for that.

Major League Baseball doesn’t seem to be scripted, but there are other problems with the sport. Of course, there’s the terrible steroid controversy, but that doesn’t really effect how real the game is. In fact, it might make it more real, since the players are being portrayed less like problem-less super-humans and more like real people who make mistakes.

The only problem with baseball is that it’s boring, although the flying baseball bat shrapnel does make things a little more interesting. Someone will surely die from that soon.

I also put golf, tennis and NASCAR into the “boring” category, although they seems like pretty legitimate sports.

Soccer is okay, but it’s slow and the U.S. doesn’t really back the sport yet.

This leaves football, particularly the NFL, college is a different story. The NFL isn’t without it’s controversy, but the entertainment value makes up for anything the Patriots coach might have done.

People can relate to players who have to smash and crawl their way to a paycheck each week. People can relate to a rookie or old veteran coming in and taking their position. And people can relate to a boss that will criticize everything about his employees, because he feels he needs perfection.

Football is also a good mix of physical and mental ability. For those who enjoy displays of pure physical strength, check out the running-back and linebackers. If finesse and agility are your thing, then the wide receivers and cornerbacks have you covered. If you like to be challenged mentally, focus on the quarterbacks and coaches.

The sport has so much that, if given a real chance, it shouldn’t be tough to at least tolerate.

Give it a chance before you judge the millions who enjoy the game. In fact, check it out tonight: it’s Monday Night Football!




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