Barack Obama takes campaigning to a new level with Xbox 360, how will he be attacked?

14 10 2008

Obama’s camp has promised change, and that’s what they have delivered – at least when it comes to new campaigning methods. Recent sightings of an Obama ad in the EA game “Burnout Paradise” have the media outlets tweaking out.

Obama on Xbox, thanks to the source

Obama on Xbox 360

It’s cool people are at least trying to make this tedious election season a little more interesting. The fact that Obama’s camp went through with this shows they have a little bit of an open mind.

There are also those people who see this as an opening to hit Obama with another jab to try to take him down a peg, which isn’t completely unfounded. Some places are bringing up quotes Obama has said in the past, including, “… turn off the television set, and put the video games away, and instill a sense of excellence in our children…”

It’s tough to take that quote seriously when he turns around and advertises in the video games he doesn’t want kids to play. He wants kids to put down the video games, but does he have any idea how many more copies of “Burnout Paradise” will be played because of his face in the game and the publicity that brings?

This is small potatoes when you compare it to other contradictions in the election season. A qualified Palin, friendly McCain, civil Biden and humble Obama are already paradoxes that have been introduced this election.

When it comes down to it, the video game campaign is a good idea. Of course some people will attack him, because when you’re losing, you have to find a way to score some more points and get ahead. I just don’t think it’s going to work in this instance.

And if McCain tries to look young, talk about video games and get some of this demographic, then Comedy Central will have some good material for a while.

Now Obama just has to hope that those gamers will get out of the house on election day. I doubt they will if they’re in an important spot in the game their playing.

Here’s a page with a collection of links to all the stories about Obama on Xbox 360



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17 10 2008

Nice write-up. Thanks for the info.

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