Obama and Ayers compared to Palin and Chryson

15 10 2008

When you start diving into a politician’s political background, you’ll no doubt find some dirt you can use against them. There isn’t a single successful clean politician, because the system requires lots of dirty money and dirty support to get to the top. My definition of “dirty” being things that are accepted in a political campaign based on the understanding that the company giving the dirty stuff will be protected in some way.

John McCain and (more so) Sarah Palin have been bringing up Barack Obama’s connection to Bill Ayers for some time now. This is a justified, legitimate point to bring up from Obama’s past, but they are blowing it out of proportion. Whenever you hear the words “domestic terrorist,” you’re first thought should be, “why would they call him/her that?” not “what is there justification?” It’s easy to justify why you do something, but it’s more difficult and credible when you actually have a powerful reason for doing it.

While this connection between Obama and Ayers has been out for a while, there is now a new connection between a “domestic terrorist” and a candidate on a ticket this November. Now we have the Palin-Chryson connection to look into.

Mark Chryson is the chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party. He is in favor of Alaska succeeding from the nation, and also recognizes 30 other state’s claims of succession. He carries a gun wherever he goes, has a basement full of them, and says lots of Alaskans have lots of guns for similar reasons, according to the Salon article.

While Ayers had a radical movements in the sixties, what has he done lately? Well, lately it looks like he is a professor at the respectable University of Illinois at Chicago, and doesn’t care for the press he’s getting for his past from, the Chicago Tribune managed to get a word out of him.

Pretty much the only thing Ayers would say about the situation is, “Life happens.”

Chryson on the other hand, is still going on camera trying to get more publicity for his radical movements (note, they are not in his past). And although Sarah Palain was never an official member of the AIP, her husband Todd was, and Chryson considers her a personal friend.

If you’re a politician and you’re planning and digging up someone’s background, it would be a good idea to check your ticket and make sure there aren’t similar offenses involving someone in it. If the Chryson stuff gets enough publicity (why wouldn’t it?), then the stuff Palin and McCain said about Ayers might just come back to bite them in the ballot.




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16 10 2008

Thank you for pointing this out. By the way, here is a website I found that shares all the Sarah Palin Pictures and supports Barack Obama!
You should social news this article over there. I think this is an important post.

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