Sarah Palin Says New Hampshire is in the Northwest – The Crowd isn’t Happy

15 10 2008

It doesn’t matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, incorrect statements are incorrect statements. Sarah Palin’s lack of geography knowledge seemed to change the mood of a crowd in New Hampshire she was talking to, and it doesn’t look like she recognized her mistake right away.

There’s no debating your way out of not knowing where part of the country is. Especially when you want to be the vice president of that country. This brings up a lot of questions: How can Palin love a country she doesn’t know much about? How much can she know about what she’s doing, if she doesn’t even know what direction the plane is going when she’s in it? And this also brings up the question that always needs to be asked: why on earth pick Sarah Palin to be on the ticket?

Questions that are also out there that need to be answered honestly are: Would she have been chosen if she was male? Would she have been chosen if Clinton ran with Obama? It’s scary when the leaders of your country aren’t selected on merit, but by electability. Obama is also in this category, but he is still miles ahead of Palin of everything.




One response

15 10 2008

I think it’s an innocent mistake. She may have read it wrong. Someone may have written it wrong.

The far more telling thing is that Palin doesn’t seem comfortable saying anything that’s not written down. And I think we can all understand why.

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