ACORN and Obama: not voter fraud

16 10 2008

There are people out there who are trying to link Obama to a couple of bad eggs who worked for the community organization ACORN. This organization goes out and gets people to register to vote. They’ve been able to get over 1.3 million people to register and have about 13,000 people working for them.

It’s hard to believe that any organization dealing with so many people would be able to keep everything perfect. There’re going to be a couple of people in there that are going to try to take advantage of the system, or laze around and do their jobs poorly.

Evil Army ACORN, watch out, they might register voters!

Evil Army ACORN, watch out, they might register voters!

Just because some people at the bottom suck at their jobs, that’s no reason to attack presidential candidates.

I couldn’t find anything linking Obama directly to those who committed violations, just the organization in general. The only link McCain is going off of is that Obama has supported the organization in the past.

There’s one problem with McCain’s accusation: McCain has also supported ACORN in the past.

“It is clear for us to see that John McCain was for ACORN before he was against ACORN,” ACORN national president, Maude Hurd, said in an issued response.

ACORN stands for Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. I thought “reform” was one of McCain’s meaningless key terms. Hurd said McCain supported ACORN as recently as 2006.

It’s starting to become clear that ACORN had some bad nuts fall from the tree, but when you look into who has supported the organization, it doesn’t seem like any one party benefited more. It isn’t Obama’s fault if newly registered voters support Obama more, welcome to a different generation.

And even if Obama was directly related to the violators in ACORN, that would be voter registration fraud, not voter fraud. There’s a big difference: one pumps up the numbers of how many voters it looks like are registered, and the other destroys elections by changing the outcome.

The debate last night made it seem like the two were one and the same.

Check out FOX News’ piece on it, they also try to blame the bailout on ACORN. Keep in mind, McCain has also supported this group.




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