Obama and McCain are both endorsed by terrorist-related groups

23 10 2008

The first candidate to receive an endorsement linked to actual terrorists was John McCain. About a week ago, a message on an al-Qaeda supporting Web site explained why McCain would be a better president than Obama when it concerned al-Qaeda.

They put up a pretty good argument as to why McCain would be better for their group. They said he would continue the wars in the Middle East and would inadvertently encourage more people to sign up with terrorist organizations. These things would probably happen, but McCain isn’t the only one receiving bad support. Barack Obama also recently received an uninvited endorsement.

Obama recently received an endorsement from Iran through the speaker of Iran’s parliament, Ali Larijani.

He said Obama would be more flexible and rational than McCain, which makes sense. Obama has said in the past that he would consider talks with Iran without preconditions.

Larijani also threw in that there is no way the U.S. would attack Iran right now, which means Americans shouldn’t take something like that into as much consideration when picking a candidate.

I don’t see how someone in America could begin to unravel what goes on in these people’s minds before they announce their endorsements. They have to know that Americans are going to look down on their endorsements, so why would they ever give us a chance to make them public?

This leads me to believe that there’s at least a chance they endorse the person they actually don’t want to win. It would make sense, but then again, it’s definitely not a sure thing.

Since we can’t really determine why these endorsers decided to pick the candidate they did, we should probably just throw out their opinions. We can’t really trust what they say, they’ve both lied and hid information from us before.

These endorsements are non-stories that the media shouldn’t spend too much time on. These organizations obviously have agendas, and the news is just giving them free advertising.

At least make Iran and al-Qaeda pay for their air time like everyone else who wants to shove their opinion on us.



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