Gay marriage opposition uses public schools as a reason for Prop 8

20 10 2008

There are about two weeks left until the general election. During that election, California will vote on Proposition 8. A proposition which would put an amendment into California’s constitution stating that only marriage between and man and a woman would be recognized.

Recently, the majority of commercials saying, “Yes on Prop 8,” are also saying that the reason to vote “yes” is because of our public schools. One of the big reasons homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to get married is because teachers in public schools might mention it.

I went through the California public school system, and I know how much they teach students about marriage – not much. It isn’t a big part of the lesson plan. It’s just one of those things that is required to be taught, so teachers glance over it in a day or two in class.

Is that really going to destroy California’s children? Is that a good reason to take away the rights of some human beings?

Not only is this a weak argument, but it also blames public schools as a reason for why gay people can’t get married. This is not the case.

It isn’t public schools trying to prevent gay marriage, it is a bunch of fanatical religious groups like the Knights of Columbus, a group who donated $1.3 million to support the proposition.



Supporters of prop 8 have more money invested than the people against it, and a lot of the biggest donations are coming from out-of-state. For a proposition that’s on California’s ballot, it’s strange to see that a lot of people that aren’t from here can try to control the outcome.

So how about letting Californians decide what’s best for their state? And how about keeping religion out of it?

It’s tough to keep separation between church and state when the church doesn’t try to play by the rules. Both the church and state need to try to play ball and be separate, the state can’t do it by themselves.



5 responses

21 10 2008
Rosemary Graham-Gardner

This is all about “Religion” based on faith and not facts.
So I think that since separation of Church and State is not being enforced, we, as tax payers should take away their tax exempt status.
I don’t want to pay for institutions who are depending on my money but do not represent me.
Also, I have no idea how gay marriage could possibly affect conventional marriage?
As is it, conventional marriage between a man an a woman is a resounding failure!
I am appaled at the stupidity and ignorance in this country, or maybe not.
Look who we put into office: The Village Idiot. After that, anything goes and is fair game!

21 10 2008
Desirie Echols

This is about the rights of parents to protect their children from being indoctrinated by those in support of the homosexual agenda. It is our parental rights that are being infringed upon.

How consenting adults choose to live there lives is there business, but when it comes to teaching those lifestyles to children in public schools without the consent of their parents it becomes our business.

The idea that these lessons will just be quickly breezed over is a complete lie! When Massachusetts legalized gay marriage the courts ruled that parents had no right to oppose the teaching of gay marriage to their students. They had no right to be notified and no right to opt out their children from lessons such as the reading of the books depicting men marring men. The same opponents of Prop 8 who claim no such teaching will occur in the California class room fought to MANDATE this teaching in at the earliest possible age in Massachusetts. Now the State of Massachusetts has adopted a curriculum and includes teaching about gay marriage in all their subjects as early as Kindergarten! And parents, in their flawed opinion, have no right to oppose.

There is no reason to believe that opponents of Prop 8 have the same thing in mind for California, and recent events such as the 2nd grade field trip to a homosexual marriage in Sacramento, and the donation of 1 million dollars to No on Prop 8 by the California Teachers Association validate this concern.

21 10 2008
Desirie Echols

We are all for letting California decide! The truth is that we have decided but unfortunately the Supreme Court has decided to ignore the popular vote of the people and have overruled our decission. Which is why Prop 8 is necessary! So that liberal judges can be forced to stop ignoring the will of the people in the name of “tolerance.” The ironic truth is their “tolerance” is one sided! The only views that are accepted are their own.

21 10 2008
Desirie Echols

And as far as the seperation of church and state is concerned…. The Church’s no profit status does not restrict them from taking a stand on moral issues. So there is no legal grounds to “take away their tax exempt status,” as Rosemary suggested above.

24 10 2008

This gentleman’s article cites some good examples of what has happened in Massachusetts’ schools following the legalization of same sex marriage.

I’d check it out

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